Could i use a muffin tin instead of using moulds

sandranoble2012, Mar 15, 2:21am
for a pudding you are meant to do them individual and place in a dish of water im just wondering if this will work as i dont have any individual ones

245sam, Mar 15, 2:36am
sandranoble2012, recently I read a recipe for individual puddings that were cooked in a muffin tray which was covered with foil, then the foil-covered foil was placed in a roasting dish of water and the roasting dish was also covered with foil - IMO a possible solution for you if you have a roasting dish that is big enough to hold the muffin tray.:-))

sandranoble2012, Mar 15, 2:38am
oh thanks yes i do well ill try that

kinna54, Mar 15, 5:48am
Also can be done in a cup, such as a cappucino cup or wide mouthed soup cup.

sandranoble2012, Mar 15, 6:10am
i did it in a muffin tray etc it seemed to hav worked kinda think il hav to invest in some moulds i was thinking about a cup but was worried it might crack under the heat

cookessentials, Mar 18, 8:27am
I just do mine in pudding cups.

cookessentials, Mar 18, 8:31am
I just do mine in pudding cups.!wpsc-product=3-5-inch-7-oz-ribbed-custard-cup-3I use these wee custard/pudding cups. You can buy them at Moore Wilson for about $3 each

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