Where do you get nice cake serving sets in Wgtn?

gardie, Mar 16, 6:43pm
I would try a catering supplier if you can't find anything at Steven's, Acquisition, Farmers etc.

kiwibubbles, Mar 16, 8:48pm
definitely try Kirks. up on the 2nd floor they have nice serving stuff, knifes forks etc. I'm sure they would have cake serving sets

amyfromthenaki, Mar 17, 2:29am
Thanks both of you :-) We visited Kirks and they didn't have exactly what we were looking for - lovely bridal knives but we really wanted a set - and had just gone across the road when the lovely lady who had been serving us chased us down the street as she'd found a traditional-looking Royal Doulton set that she wasn't aware of when we first went in. Lovely service and we're really happy with these, so it was a lucky score!

cookessentials, Mar 18, 8:25am
The Monique L'Hullier set ( through Royal Doulton) is lovely.

amyfromthenaki, Mar 18, 10:30am
This is the one we bought through Kirks! I didn't know the name of it until I googled it. Hadn't come across it in any searches until we saw it in store.

cookessentials, Mar 18, 8:42pm
Yes, they are beautiful. We sold this set to a hire company to hire out for weddings. She also does some beautiful toasting glasses and dinnerware too.

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