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shandyv8, Mar 18, 10:03pm
My mum is turning 60 and she has asked me to make her a cake.she wouldn't expect any thing less than something smart.
What i want to do is make a fossil cake and have it in a fossil in amber.
Do you think that if i made the jelly hard enough and almost set it.wouldthe cake ok inside, or will it absorb too much moisture and go soggy!
my other thought was i could wrap the cake in glad wrap inside the jelly to stop the soggy, but that would make serving it difficult.
Any thoughts!

margyr, Mar 18, 11:33pm
whenever I made a "different" cake like this then serving was always slightly difficult, and often this added to the fun of the event. You could make really, really hard jelly so that you can handle it in thin sheets and when this is set sort of put it around the cake, perhaps 2 packets of jelly mix to one amount of water and set it reasonably thin about 1 inch thick. Good luck.

cookiebarrel, Mar 19, 11:44am
Hi Shandyv8,love your idea and this is just a thought.could you cover the cake in chocolate!Melt the chocolate, cover the cake, let it set hard then carefully place it into jelly made with a bit less water to make it slightly thicker.Being covered in chocolate will keep the moisture of the jelly from effecting the cake.I would also put a few cm of jelly in a container first, then place the chocolate covered cake carefully on that and then pour cooled jelly, also made with less water than usual, around and over the cake to cover and let set.You could also ice the cake before you covered it with the melted chocolate, so you had a iced cake at the end, not just a chocolate covered one.Could also cut cake into layers and fill, then stack together again and cover with the chocolate to give a nice flavoured cake to eat.Could use dark, milk or white chocolate or even colour the chocolate first.Hope this makes sense and is a help.Great idea and good luck with it.

lilyfield, Mar 19, 7:19pm
and freeze the cake before putting it in the jelly

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