Bacon & egg pie Help?

girlpower, Mar 20, 8:52pm
Do you cook the bacon before putting in the pie or leave it raw! Any help on making this pie would be nice ")

olwen, Mar 20, 8:54pm
I put it in raw

girlpower, Mar 20, 8:56pm
thanks. Ive got to get the pastry right, fingers crossed otherwise toast for tea ")

skipper42, Mar 21, 1:19am
see the other thread on B&E Pie.alot of good comments :-)

chatsmom, Mar 21, 3:51am
I normally just cook it and then put in.

popeye333, Mar 22, 5:08am
I always nuke mine in the microwave. To get rid of any wetness.

Plus once you have lined your dish with pastry put a little grated cheese on the pastry before adding everything else. And you wont have a soggy bootm on the pie.

charlie8005, Mar 23, 2:59am
I mad my first B & E pielast week and it was yummo i get the edmonds savory pastry put grated cheese on bottom and mix up eggs bacon and spring onion in a bowl and put it on top of the cheese and the put tomatoes on top its yummo

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