Armenian Nutmeg Cake

glynsmum, May 11, 2:44am
I made this yesterday it said to add a teaspoon baking soda but I could really taste it,what does bs do could I leave it out!

dreamers, May 11, 2:54am
Did you sift it! It is one of my favorite cakes that I make,I have never tasted the Baking soda,but I usually double sift the dry ingredients so maybe that is why.

griffo4, May 11, 3:12am
l always shake my baking soda container before using it after someone said it settles and l have never had a problem

daleaway, May 11, 3:40am
Try replacing it with baking powder.

jaxma, May 11, 6:56pm
Mmmmmm - my sister used to make this when we were all still living at home . please can you post the recipe!

ange164, May 11, 10:30pm
Add a dessert spoon of white vinegar to your liquid ingredients. It takes away that soda flavour.Otherwise you can exchange it for baking powder and your cake will still be fine.

boxsters3, May 16, 5:52am
Armenian Walnut & Nutmeg Cake(recipe posted on TM by brianmac)

1 1/2 cups soft brown sugar; 2 cups plain flour; 2 tsp baking powder;
125g firm butter, chopped into pieces; 2 cups of new season walnuts roughly chopped
(I threw them into the food processor and pulsed till roughly chopped)
1 cup milk; 1 tspn baking soda;1 large or 2 small eggs ( I used two eggs)
1 generous tspn freshly ground nutmeg (I used about 1 and a bit heaped tspn)

Pre-heat oven to 175c.

Lightly butter and flour 23cm round tin ( I used a springform tin)
Put brown sugar, flour baking powder and butter into processor
and whizz till it resembles fine crumbs.
Take 2 cups of mixture and press firmly into bottom of prepared tin,
sprinkle the walnuts evenly over the top.
Add the nutmeg to the remaining crumbed mixture still in processor.
Beat the milk, eggs and soda together
and slowly add to processor with motor running to make a smooth batter.
Pour batter over crumbled mix in tin.

Bake 45 mins until cake is springy.
Cool 10 mins before turning out. Dust with icing sugar when cold.

vinee, May 17, 7:06pm
wow, blast from the past!

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