Fondant icing on cake

very_hotpants, May 6, 8:45am
Is it ok to use fodant on a sponge cake or should it be a more solid cake!
Ive had a problem making a birthday cake that is Gluten Free and have only had success with a spong but not sure if the fondant owuld be too heavy.

bambi58, May 6, 10:01am
If you roll the fondant very thin, and have very light decotation, it should be fine. I wouldn't put too much sieved jam (to make the fondant stick to the cake) on it though - maybe just a little around the edges.

very_hotpants, May 6, 9:16pm
Was hoping to add a ballerina figure on top - could just put it on the edge of the board. Plan was to use butter icing as an underlay as is more child appealing.

projectkereru, May 6, 10:31pm
I helped a friend put fondant on a sponge cake last week and it worked out fine - we used chocolate ganache as it sets firm to give it a good base and we had no problems.Evidently it tasted good too!

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