Another question re baking -------

nfh1, May 4, 4:57am
I want to make a Feijoa/Apple Sponge Pudding as one of the deserts for tomorrow.Could I mix the sponge mixture and prepare the fruit in the morning then put the sponge on top in the evening to bake!Trying to be organised (for once).Thanks.

firemansgirl, May 4, 5:07am
Make the sponge mixture up in as much as all dry ingredients are mixed and ready to have the wet ones added then put over fruit! Yummy :-)

nfh1, May 4, 5:14am
Thanks firemansgirl - it is my May 1st Resolution to be more organised - don't think it will last long though!

elliehen, May 4, 5:55am
A 'desert' for tomorrow nfh1!Make sure it's not too dry ;)

nfh1, May 4, 5:58am
LOL - missed that one - too late to amend.

Hangs head in shame.

elliehen, May 4, 6:55am
Is tomorrow the big birthday party!Did you bake that cake!

nfh1, May 4, 7:59am
LOL - I did bake the cake and and split the big party into three.Trying to organise a good day for everyone was like trying to herd cats so I had 8 here for dinner on Tuesday (Big Day!), took him out for dinner on Wednesday, have another eight here tomorrow and 12 next week.It seemed like a good idea at the time but .I normally only cook for 6 (including us) so Tuesday stretched me a little.Feel more confident about tomorrow and well by next week I will be a professional!

Birthday Boy is enjoying it and that is all that matters - for once!

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