Can you buy Kale in Christchurch?

and if so where from ! Also does anyone grow it here! Thanks

Chef_timturtle, May 2, 7:21 pm

You can certainly grow it.I grew it last winter in Southland.

Chef_vmax2, May 2, 7:32 pm

Vmax, I got some seed yesterday, but it didn't come with much info. Did you grow it from seed or small plant, and did you grow it outside ! I read somewhere that it tastes better after a frost, a bit like the southland swede! I was born and raised in Tuatapere.

Chef_timturtle, May 2, 7:50 pm

Yes, I've heard it's better after a frost too.But it got pretty cold in the tunnel house.Grew it from seed.Have some out in the garden at the moment.Good frost this morning.

Chef_vmax2, May 2, 8:10 pm

timturtle, DH recalls seeing kale in one of our Chch supermarkets recently but he can't recall exactly which one (Countdown Moorhouse Ave possibly!); however we don't currently want to buy any as we have some growing in the garden for the first time in many years.We were at Oderings and saw the plants so bought them to have something different from the usual winter greens - it will be a while before there is enough there for a meal but so far so good.

Hope that helps.:-))

Chef_245sam, May 2, 10:03 pm

Thanks, Ill start my seeds this weekend

Chef_timturtle, May 2, 10:21 pm

Tim - phone around your garden/plant places as I found punnets of 6 kale plants recently in Kings Plant Barn up here in Auck.

Chef_bedazzledjewels, May 3, 6:44 am

Piko may have it, give them a call first.

Chef_frances1266, May 3, 6:45 am

Thanks Just rang Oderings, they have heaps of plant. Cheers

Chef_timturtle, May 3, 9:27 am

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