Fruit Cake - Will it matter if .

nfh1, Apr 30, 4:45am
I have just made a Birthday cake for my husband, using my normal Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe which says to use 'soft brown sugar' and I have used caster sugar!

It is in the oven now, so perhaps a little late to ask!

samsnan, Apr 30, 4:48am
I would think it would just be a lighter coloured cake.

indy95, Apr 30, 4:50am
No nfh1, it won't matter at all. As samsnan says it will just be a little bit paler.

nfh1, Apr 30, 4:58am
Thank you so much - hubby is 60 tomorrow and thought I would bake him his favourite cake and just realised as I cleared everything away that I had put the wrong sugar in.I only bake once a year - I suppose that shows!

zirconium, Apr 30, 5:25am
Happy Birthday for tomorrow Mr nfh1! :)

nfh1, Apr 30, 5:45am
Thank you so much zirconium.

nfh1, Apr 30, 6:15am
LOL elliehen - that would be so much easier - I kept thinking he would forget about the cake.

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