Half way through making a cake.

racheee, Apr 30, 11:27pm
and I am running out of time to get it baked.I have creamed the butter and sugar, added the eggs and then the coconut, yet to add the flour and milk - what do I do with the mixture now!I can't bake it until about 3.30pm now.Do I leave covered on the bench!Or put it in the fridge!But then what do I do before baking - let it thaw out and then bake!Eeek

falcon-hell, Apr 30, 11:33pm
it should be fine,i wouldn't put the creamed mixture in the fridge-it will go too hard and then you will need to microwave it-and theres egg in it already,so it could turn ugly,i would put it in a cupboard-covered and if it is hard when you come to use it ,maybe pour some warm wtaer in the sink and place the bowl in it and soften it,but not melt it and you should be away laughing.

lilyfield, Apr 30, 11:44pm
yes- as above

racheee, May 1, 12:04am
Excellent, thank you!
Made some mini muffins with some of the mixture and will just bake the rest later.

duckmoon, May 1, 2:22am
if you haven't made the baking powder or soda wet, then you can leave the individual ingredeints on the bench.
I would keep the butter out (it will get to hard in the fridge), but owuld put the eggs in the fridge

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