Rob Burns Kiwiana Cake Book

michelle145, Apr 30, 12:30am
Does anyone have this! Wanting the sheep cake recipe/instructions please

kiwitrish, Apr 30, 1:26am
Theres one for sale on TM.

michelle145, Apr 30, 6:35am
bumping, thanks i have the tm one on my watchllist :) but a free recipe would be better

gardie, May 1, 4:34am
Have had the book out from the library.The face is made of fondant - the picture on the front of the book is pretty self-explanatory.

gardie, May 1, 4:35am
And when the book first came out, The Australian Womens' Weeklypublished some of the cakes (with instructions) - you may find it on their website!

michelle145, May 1, 4:45am
Thanks gardie. Im just not sure whether its a normal round cake, with butter icing to stick the marshmellows on and just a fondant circle face!
Thanks, Ill try search the mag.

gardie, May 1, 4:47am
Yes from memory.Buttercream all over - the fondant will stick to that and then the marshmallows will also.All cakes in the book are easy enough for beginners.

michelle145, May 1, 6:55am
Thankyou :)

michelle145, May 6, 8:17pm

elliehen, May 7, 1:12am
Here are some pix.I read a good hint once for making sheep's wool icing - fondant put through a garlic press comes out in strands.

leogal1, Jun 2, 7:26pm
I managed to get a copy of this out at the library last year, and that cake looked fab!Good luck :)(I made the kiwi one for my little boy last year, and it looked great.)

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