Cake decorating stores - question

hmck, Apr 16, 2:36am

Does anyone know of any stores in Auckland (preferably West or North Shore) that stock cake decorating supplies like fondant!I know of several online ones but woudl like to go and actually look at stuff.Thanks.

cookessentials, Apr 16, 3:51am
Yes, Milly's( they are importers of Wilton products) Not North Shore but Ponsonby and Parnell and online

spotswood, Apr 16, 4:34am
There's a cake shop at the Glendene roundabout/lights that has a lot of cake decorating supplies.Hope that helps you.

chicco2, Apr 16, 4:36am
Spotlight stocks a couple of different brands of fondant including the fabulous Satin Ice. They also stock some tools.

cookessentials, Apr 16, 7:29am
Not sure if that's Cake Couture! ( they did our wedding cake) and yes, they do have cake decorating stuff and they do classes also. If you Google Cake Couture, you should find them.

cookessentials, Apr 16, 7:31am is the same one. Thea Poole is the ladies name.

dancewest, Apr 16, 7:50am
Sweet Bites. On the new end of Universal Drive in Henderson/lincolin road area.
Really great stock and prices!

hmck, Apr 17, 7:52pm
Thanks heaps for this one - great store and I'm booked on one of their classes!

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