Suprised i couldnt find a decent flan tin today

purplegoanna, Apr 13, 8:54am
(the type with the lift out base) went to the warehouse, farmers and briscoes and all they had were the smaller 20cm size ones.was hoping for one abit bigger.ran out of time to go to stevens.i thought theyd be quite common.

cookessentials, Apr 13, 9:02am
Only at a proper cookware will get a better selection too.

purplegoanna, Apr 13, 9:08am
yeah i just thought theyd be more common but alas not in that size.hugh's cheese & leek flan will have to wait.

cookessentials, Apr 13, 9:10am
You can also get the French tinware which gives you the loose base, but a nice deep tin, which is great for a good, high quiche or bacon and egg pie etc.

kiwibubbles, Apr 13, 10:43am
Living and Giving have them, so did the home store

strange, Apr 17, 9:13am
Just brought one today with a lift out base. from pak n save. pam's brand but seems ok quality

strange, Apr 17, 9:14am
(aprox $10)

wheelz, Apr 17, 10:40pm
i got a nice solid 26cm one from Stevens, cooked a self-crusting quiche in it the other leaks.

purplegoanna, Apr 17, 11:40pm
ive got a cake tin i got from paknsave about 6 years ago still going strong,,.im all for the cheap brands, every now and then you come across some that are as good as the expensive ones.if not better.while im here try this.i used feta cheese instead of the blue and added a chicken stock cube to the water in the beginning and a cupful of cooked chicken diced to the mix. yes ill admit i used packet pastry but turned out primo

olwen, Apr 18, 12:02am
Some of the Pam's brand stuff is really good value.

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