Cake makers help please

rotachick07, Mar 27, 4:57am
Help! I am in desperate need of a cake i need it couried to auckland i don't need a massive cake as it is just for my partner and his parents. Does anyone know of cakemakers that can do this! Thank you

evorotorua, Mar 27, 5:04am
Sounds like you are planning a nice treat. I would just google something like "delivered cakes Auckland" and choose one of them to do this for you.

rotachick07, Mar 27, 5:05am
It will def be a suprise for sure. Thank you i will look into google now.

davidt4, Mar 27, 5:34am
Rocket Kitchen supplies good quality cakes and I'm sure they would arrange delivery by courier.

chicco2, Mar 27, 5:35am
How about this! They are based in your area and maybe just what you want.
It is listed as a service.

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