Giant Cup cake -

maximus44, Mar 23, 8:37pm
I have got one in the oven. It's looking ok. I am just a bit worried that the top might cook before the base. Has anyone made one of these and how did it turn out! It is for my daughter's 24th birthday today.

maximus44, Mar 23, 8:58pm
Have just managed to get the top out of the tin. The base isn't cooked so that's back in the oven. It won't be perfect but icing will cover any defects. I think another time I would grease the tin more.

tortenz, Mar 23, 9:52pm
What brand is it!I would have thought any well known brand would ensure each side was even so they cooked at the same time.That's what I've found using the Wilton tin anyway.

leogal1, Mar 24, 7:23am
Have a look on youtube as they do give you the ratio of how many cups you should put in the base, and the other side as well, to ensure that they cook evenly.I have a Wiltshire one, and have had the uneven issue.I pop it back into the oven at a lower heat 150 degrees, and cover the side that hasn't cooked all the with foil and that does the trick.

maximus44, Mar 26, 6:30am
Thank you for your replies. I didn't think of looking on youtube. I don't know what brand it was - it was a hired tin.

leogal1, Mar 26, 10:08am
No problem, lots of luck to you. it does look really impressive once you have turned it out of the cupcake pan, and it's iced.I'm making one for my little boy to take to childcare in a crossing fingers it works out!

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