Chocolate rainbow cake

suzanna, Mar 24, 10:35am
Last month I made a fabulous seven layer rainbow cake for my (grown)daughter's birthday. Next week my is my sil's birthday and he has requested a similar cake but quote 'if it's okay could it be all different chocolate layers!!' I'm up for the challenge but would love a little help from here please. I'm thinking dense chocolate mud for bottom layer and then dark choc layer, dark layer contreau (he loves Terry choc oranges), milk choc layer, white choc layer. with mousse between each layer. This is a challenge for me as it will be rich and very sweet not to mention a huge chocolate fix and I don't do chocolate myself (cheese vice here). It's also very much a one off so any of you chocoholics who have ideas please share or the bakers who have been contibuting here off late I'd love your expertise please. Cheers.

harrislucinda, Mar 24, 8:11pm
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jobb, Mar 24, 8:25pm
I make a triple chocolate mousse cake.Choc sponge base with dark, milk then white choc mousse layers, decorated on top with cream swirls and choc runouts (melted choc piped out into shapes on baking paper then left to set).May not be as high your cake but is nice and light and not too rich.

suzanna, Mar 25, 12:03am
jobb that sounds really goodwould you be kind enough to share the recipe or url for it please! Thanks.

jobb, Mar 25, 6:31am
Triple Choc Mousse Cake

1 tsp gelatine50ml water100g (2.5 eggs)egg whites125ml cream250g chocolate3 egg yolks75ml white wine75g sugar
Melt choc.soak gelatine in water.Place egg yolks, sugar & wine in s/s bowl and whisk over a pot of simmering water to a sabayon (to a thick consistancy, when drizzled in a figure 8 over mixture it should hold the shape.take off heat if bowl gets too hot, do not scramble the eggs).heat gelatine up until fully dissolved then with choc add to sabayon.Cool.half whip cream then whip egg whites to firm peaks, fold egg whites into sabayon 1/2 at a time, then add whipped cream. Repeat for the different flavours of choc.
layer sponge into bottom of cake tin and brush over a flavoured sugar syrup (50ml water, 50g sugar, heat until sugar dissolves and starts to thicken take off heat then add 30ml liquer and cool)
Add dark choc mousse, chill.make milk mousse and add to cake, chill, make white choc mousse and add to cake, chill.
Melt some choc and drizzle to make patterns, once set decorate top of cake with cream swirls and choc.Strawberries also look impressive.
I know it is alot of work doing the three different mousses but the final product looks and tastes impressive.

jobb, Mar 25, 6:42am
the mousse recipe is for 1 flavoured mousse only, you will need to repeat the whole process for each flavour.I add lemonade instead of wine and it still works.

suzanna, Mar 25, 8:50am
Thanks very much jobb -I think it would be well worth the effort.

lynja, Mar 25, 6:13pm
I know it is cheating suzanna but I have successfully used packet mousse to layer a cake. NOT the instant pudding, make sure it is the mousse, i think there are different flavours now but i have just used the chocolate.

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