Ginger cake

olwen, Mar 3, 2:05am
I made a ginger cake a few years ago that I think was from Cuisine magazine and on their website, but I can't find it now.It made a very dark moist cake and I think it had molasses and root ginger in it.I remember halving the recipe and getting maybe a 7-8 inch round cake.Does anyone have a recipe like this!

whitehead., Mar 3, 3:41am
bump i wont that one too please

acarya, Mar 3, 7:06am
I had a recipe for Jamaican Ginger Cake that sounded like this, and tasted fantastic! Have just done a quick Google Search and came up with the following:
Not quite the same as the one I had, but sounds good to me! ;)

olwen, Mar 3, 7:11am
That looks very much like the recipe I was looking for mmm.

cookessentials, Mar 3, 7:17am

olwen, Mar 3, 8:29am
Acarya's recipe is more what I was looking for, but the otherone sounds good too.

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