PLease give me a recipe for yummy Louise Cake

holdenfanz, Apr 5, 7:57am
FIL wants me to make it for him but I've never heard of it lol.

campmum, Apr 5, 8:07am
Annabel langbeins recipe...
Base: 1 and 1/4 cups white sugar, 225g butter. 4 eggs separated, 3c plain flour, 2tsp Bpowder. 1tsp vanilla essence.

Topping : 1c rasp jam, 1c white sugar, 1c coconut

Oven@ 160C
Beat the first quantity of white sugar with butter until creamy. Mix in the egg yolks and then add flour, BP and essence. Press this mixture into 2 med sponge roll tins, lined with baking paper or into large, lined roasting tin. Spread raw base with raspberry jam. Using a clean beater, beat egg whites to soft peaks then beat in the second measure of sugar until mix forms a glossy meringue.
Fold in coconut and spread over jam base.
Bake for about an hour until crisp and golden.
Cut into pieces while warm.
Make 40 pieces, store in airtight container.

elliehen, Apr 5, 8:10am
This is Annabelle Langbein's recipe - she's a cook you can trust.
You can check our more by putting 'Louise Cake' into the search function at left, putting 'Anytime' under 'Date Posted'. I saw a thread there for 'Louise Cake failures' which might help too ;)

holdenfanz, Apr 6, 2:55am
Thank u very much I shall get onto it now

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