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vintagekitty, Feb 22, 10:04pm
same. I wondered why as the low carb forum peeps seem to stick together

vintagekitty, Feb 22, 10:07pm
yes, she was so youmg and sweet. I also like the very emotional young mum where the judges did the typical reality tv drama hook of bringing in her family before the final yes. oh and the truck driver older guy as well (can't remember names)

charlieb2, Feb 23, 1:14am
Of course its about sure as heck isnt a documentary!

People enjoy watching light entertaining fluff was pretty obvious that was 'pure entertainment' especially when she was sent out to find some rabbit! lol

elliehen, Feb 23, 1:19am
It is so heavily edited.Watch out for lots of tears, close-ups of lip-trembling, long stare-downs from the judges etc.

Pity the judges are the same-old same-old.

charlieb2, Feb 23, 1:22am
Oh I LOVE all those dramatic pauses. and shots of eyes filling with tears. its a bit like a conversation with my 10 year old when things arent going his way.

purplegoanna, Feb 23, 1:54am
found a similair stuff pear recipe here just needs to be mucked around with to get it to suit

uli, Feb 23, 2:49am
Great the judges are the same :)

elliehen, Feb 23, 3:48am
That's the quintessential thing about the Messageboards - all opinions, no matter how diametrically opposed, carry equal weight ;)

I think Simon Gault, having had his own series, is over-exposed.

purplegoanna, Feb 23, 4:44am
crikey are you sure about wanna try general when theyre on a hot topic.heaven forbid anyone who thinks outside the square and has their own differing opinion.

elliehen, Feb 23, 6:29am
Doesn't get them anywhere though, does it!

He or she who shouts loudest just makes the most noise ;)

charlieb2, Feb 23, 9:55am
I wouldnt mind him being a judge AND having had his own show (I quite enjoyed that) but what made me double-take was his advert for Stevens! immediately after one of the first segments of the show. not cutey cutey

bedazzledjewels, Feb 28, 12:42am
So there's a mass clean-out of contestants tonight. Hm, I'll miss it, so I'll have to check it out tomorrow.

uli, Feb 28, 5:12am
Oh -I didn't read that.
But nevertheless I am glad that the big boss lets you post here at all :)

tinkagirl, Feb 28, 6:27am
God I hope the winner this year deserves to win and doesn't get to the final only because someone else screwed up more than they did like season 1.still not over whats his face winner and not the girl (can't remember either of their names now!)

elliehen, Feb 28, 6:33am
OUCH!Does the aggro over on the Dark Side really need to spill over here!

There were 'needlings' going on for weeks until I saw uli's post saying she had been given marching orders, taking with her - it seems - one staunch supporter.

najopito, Feb 28, 6:41am
Go Charlene! I work with her

elliehen, Feb 28, 7:34am
I watched the ads tonight.Simon Gault with his name on a Bundt pan!

Cool :)

elliehen, Feb 28, 8:43am
Here's the website for those who want recipes etc.Breadmaking next episode March 6th.

nfh1, Feb 28, 9:14am
Yes I thought that was a little strange.

davidt4, Feb 28, 9:10pm
Stevens is a major sponsor so it is hardly surprising that Simon Gault features in their advertising.

charlieb2, Feb 28, 11:12pm
no its not surprising. but it was very blatent last week.

uli, Feb 29, 6:10am
So is all the Countdown advertising!

ruby19, Feb 29, 6:54am
Wot surprizes me with these tv chefs is that they put their names to such mediocre products! When ever you here them answer any question about cookware they use good quality wares.

bedazzledjewels, Mar 6, 11:12pm
Last night, in the bakery, was quite a challenge for most of the contestants. Worth a look if you missed it.

charlieb2, Mar 6, 11:16pm
It WAS a good one last night dazz, quite a challenge to start them all off.What made me chuckle is how they were all tucked up in bed at 11.30pm.Must have had a tip off to get an early night!

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