Frozen egg whites - to pavs?

raewyn64, Feb 10, 12:52am
Hi there
If I freeze up some egg whites that I don't want to use just now, will they beat up ok after they have thawed out so I can make a pav or similar later on!
Thanks very much

ayglepaygle, Feb 10, 5:28pm
Absolutely, egg whites freeze well.

raewyn64, Feb 10, 8:04pm
thanks so much for that :)

arabelle, Feb 10, 10:45pm
do you beat them up first or just normal.!
Id like to do that also in batches of 4 xeggwhites.

ayglepaygle, Feb 11, 1:56am
I just freeze the egg whites as they are then defrost and use as fresh ones.

raewyn64, Feb 11, 3:29am
arabelle I have just done the eggs in the freezer. What happened was we thought our hens had stopped laying so I got some shop eggs, then the neighbour gave me a dozen of theirs and then our hens warmed up again so my fridge was full of eggs.
So I have taken a dozen eggs, separated each one. The egg white I poured into an ice cube container (I didn't beat them or anything) - my egg whites needed 2 cubes per egg and I have a small muffin tin for little cupcake size cakes so I put the yolks in those. All are in the freezer and I will bag them when frozen solid.
Also I made sure the ice cube container especially was very clean so I can beat the egg whites later with no fats etc in them.
I also read that you can still use the frozen eggs for things like scrambled eggs later - just not fried eggs as they have been separated.
So I think this will work well and now I have to do some baking with some of the remaining eggs in the fridge :)

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