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loulou104, Jan 24, 11:15pm
I'm going to be making my son an All Black's shirt rugby cake and have bought some black satin ice to use. I'm just wondering apart from buttercream what else can i use to go under the satin ice! Also, i was going to make a chocolate cake, will that be suitable to go under the icing! TIA.

tjman, Jan 25, 1:14am
You could use some marzipan, but I think just glaze the cake with melted apricot jam (stops crumbs coming off ) and put on the icing.

loulou104, Jan 25, 3:52am
Great. Thankyou

paghan, Jan 25, 4:17am
I make a buttercream icing, I find this works really well under fondant

loulou104, Jan 25, 4:30am
A few of the family don't like butter and looking at the amount of butter in the butter i don't think they would eat the cake. I was looking for an alternative which is like buttercream but doesn't taste buttery. Could i use cream cheese icing!

motgirl, Jan 25, 4:31am
I only ever use chocolate ganache under fondant on my cakes, here is a link to a tutorial using ganache, it is one of three in the series.Using ganache gives a fantastic finish for your fondant but can add quite a bit to the cost.

loulou104, Jan 25, 4:32am
Is satin ice, fondant!

loulou104, Jan 25, 4:34am
Thanks. I think it is ganache that i've seen on other cakes with the icing i'm using. Hoow much does it cost to ganache a cake! I've already paid $23 for the icing. Thanks

loulou104, Jan 25, 4:42am
That link is awesome but i'm guessing the lady makes it look easier than it is. I think i'll give it a go.

motgirl, Jan 25, 4:48am
Loulou, the cost will depend on the chocolate you use.I sometimes useColes own Belgian Chocolate which is pretty reasonable.I like to use 2/3 dark choc with 1/3 milk choc so the taste isn't so strong. Good for you for giving it a go!

motgirl, Jan 25, 4:50am
Yes- Satin Ice is fondant, just another brand name like Bakels etc.

alegnak, Jan 25, 4:53am
I used half butter, half kremelta for the buttercream on my last cake - wasn't too buttery and not quite so yellow.I prefer it to full butter and will do it that way for the next one. mmmMMmmm cake! :)

fish02, Jan 27, 3:43am
I just made a chocolate cake for a surprise party for our friends (2 tier - 12' and 9") and I used chocolate ganache under the icing - I used bakels to keep the cost down a little (satin ice tastes gorgeous though).I had to make a large amount of ganache. I used some cadburys 70% and energy chocolate as well (it was on special) and then used some chocolate melts for the rest . I had to use 1.2kg of chocolate for the size of the cake!I made the ganache the night before I needed it, (Planet Cake method Motgirl!) and then softened it to put it on the cake, and once it had set, it gave a really nice finish for putting the fondant on.It definitely tasted amazing .Go for it Loulou and good luck!

loulou104, Jan 27, 4:04am
Thanks fish02. The satin ice arrived today thank goodness. I was just sat here thinking about what i was going to put under it. I think i'll give the chocolate ganache a go. Do you have the recipe please!

elliehen, Jan 27, 10:39am
Very impressive!It looks as though there are 'references' to things your friends enjoy!Is that a fishing rod!

fish02, Jan 27, 8:41pm
Thanks Ellie . it sure is. They also train harness racing horses - the black, white and red are the colours of the silks they wear and the horseshoes were made from chocolate.

loulou104, Jan 28, 5:29am
Thanks for that recipe but i think it's going to cost too much on top of what i've already spent. I have two chocolate cakes made, not sure whether to put them on top of each other and then cut the shape of the shirt or to leave it as a single layer and use the other cake to make it bigger! Suggestions! I made a little bit of chocolate buttercream and man that stuff is delicious so that's what's going under the satin ice. Anyone who doesn't like the icing can eat around it lol

loulou104, Jan 28, 5:34am
The party is at 3pm tomorrow so when do i buttercreamand satin ice the birthday cake! How do i store it! Fridge! Bench! Kinda wishing i'd just bought one now.

loulou104, Jan 28, 5:37am
That cake is awesome.

fish02, Jan 28, 5:40am
Buttercream just before you put the satin ice on.What is the weather like where you are!If it's too humid/hot it can make it fondant icing a little difficult as it makes it sticky. and therefore it would be better to do it when it is cooler.You will need a little bit of icing sugar and a good non stick surface.If you have any kremelta, a little bit on a paper towel etc and rubbed over the surface you are rolling the icing out on can be very useful.Too much icing sugar and it can be hard to get off the black icing!Depending on how thick your cakes are, I would be tempted to put one on top of the other and carefully carve the shape of the cake.Good luck!

fish02, Jan 28, 5:46am
I've just seen that you are in Dunedin - as am I - so you should be all good for doing it tonight.You can leave it in a cupboard or pantry over night.Forgot to ask - have you got a cake board or something to put the cake on. it's not a good idea to use tinfoil underneath a cake as it gets cut into little pieces and comes up with the cake when its cut

loulou104, Jan 28, 6:52am
I don't have a cake board, i was just going to cover a bread board with foil. Would i be best to put the cake straight onto my serving tray! It's probably the only other thing i have big enough. You've been very helpful and i really appreciate it.

fish02, Jan 28, 7:24am
You are very welcome!You could do that. it would be fine.Spotlight or Caversham 4 square have cake boards (as well as other places). but have a look at your serving tray . can you use it upside down!It would be easier to ice that way (the sides of the tray won't get in the way) and it gives you something to hold when you carry the cake.
I look forward to seeing photos!

loulou104, Jan 28, 7:27am
It's fluffy on the bottom, so no good. I'm not going to have time to go to town before the party.

motgirl, Jan 28, 9:17am
How is it coming together Loulou!

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