Bacon and egg tartlet recipe

mattdylan, Jan 19, 10:03pm
I have searched google and found nothing! I would like a bacon and egg tartlet recipe for a high tea, any ideas! thanks

kiwitrish, Jan 19, 10:19pm
Do you mean egg and bacon quiche!

mattdylan, Jan 19, 10:21pm
Oh maybe! i mean the little bacon and egg things in pastry

kiwitrish, Jan 19, 10:30pm
Have bumped up a thread with my recipe in it.Hope this helps.You can mini ones using the same recipe.

harrislucinda, Jan 19, 10:37pm

motorbo, Jan 19, 10:51pm
want to impress.use the cheese puff recipe in edmonds cookbook, pop into tin and blind bake the cases, meanwhile cook chopped bacon - clean fry pan then cook eggs whipped up like you do for scrambled eggs.cook to sloppy stage (not long) add bacon and parsley and fill pastries cook till set - not long.delish

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