Choc cake filling

margie9, Jan 14, 10:46pm
Does anyone have a nice filling for a large choc cake .l am making one for a 21st cake .and dont want to use a butter cream filling thanks

seano7, Jan 14, 11:48pm
300 ml cream whipped 3 egg whites beaten till stiff 150 grams of melted chocolate 3 egg whites beat cream till stiff and egg whites then melted chocolate and egg yolks fold together put in the cake and freeze for two hours before icing

poppysinger2, Jan 15, 12:32am
Just a layer of raspberry jam is delicious ! Then can pop some buttery chocolate icing on top of jamthen ice as per usual .

lodgelocum, Jan 15, 12:48am
Yep, raspberry jam, whipped cream and chocolate icing on top, yum

eljayv, Jan 15, 1:03am
I have used this frosting type filling
70g chopped chocolate
40 mls milk
57g butter softened and cut into pieces
227g icing sugar
pinch salt
1tsp vanilla
Melt choc and cool a little then place choc, milk, icing sugar, salt and vanilla in a bowl and beat adding pieces of butter.Beat about 2 mins at low spead till smooth, scraping down sides of bowl.Increase speed to high beat 1 - 2 mins tillspreading consistency.If necessary add more milk to thin or icing sugar to thicken.
Can double quantities and use to frost over whole cake if desired.

margie9, Jan 17, 12:19am
Thank you l have lots of choices now

rj5, Jan 17, 2:48am
My sister cuts the cake into three, and does a layer with fresh cream and then the other layer with chocolate ganache and it is divine :)

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