Cocoa powder, help please.

effcee1, Jan 12, 12:55am
I gave up buying Cadburys sometme ago and settled on Homebrand, but have been into countdown Waikanae and Paraparaumu and neither of them now have it,wonder if they have done a deal on the inferior product cadburys. Does anyone know if the Homebrand is still available and if not what is a good dark one to buy, i bought fairtrade and used it once and binned it ,it was as bad as cadburys: Thanks.

cookessentials, Jan 12, 12:58am

effcee1, Jan 12, 1:08am
Thanks cookessentials i guess they still have it but mayby only some of their shops stock it, thanks for your help.

cookessentials, Jan 12, 1:09am
You're welcome. You could always ask them if they are going to get it in or just buy it online perhaps.

indy95, Jan 12, 1:15am
I have been wondering about this too. Suddenly the alternative brands seem to be rather difficult to find and I absolutely refuse to buy Cadburys ever again so had to settle for Pams at the local New World. It isn't the best cocoa produced but was perfectly alright for the chocolate mud cake I made this morning.

effcee1, Jan 12, 1:18am
I have just rung Waikanae to ask them to be told they do stock it and it is not in the baking section but in with the tea and coffees. SOOO thats what happens when you send in a man to do a womans job, stupid me i thought it would have been associated with baking.

chatsmom, Jan 12, 1:40am
I would have thought it would be with the baking too!

susan21, Jan 12, 3:44am
Went looking for some today in our local countdown, as have heard on here that its a great cocoa.It was with the tea and coffee!$5- something for a box.

cookessentials, Jan 12, 3:50am
Why they would think to put it in with tea and coffee is anyones guess. Sure, if it was drinking chocolate, then sure, but for baking it should be in the baking aisle.

dezzie, Jan 12, 3:53am
lol, its with the tea and coffee in my one as well, I guess they think people still make hot cocoa to drink, I admit I put a teaspoon full into a coffee now and then when I get the urge for a mocha.

accroul, Jan 12, 4:52am
No idea, I'd rather use Sunvalley Cocoa

cluliz, Jan 12, 7:54am
Go to New World or PaknSave and get a container of Pams cocoa which is very dark like baking cocoa not like that pale imitation which Cadbury's now is.

tony556, Jan 12, 8:29am
I use sunvalley cocoa and find it to be far superior to cadbury's etc.

elliehen, Jan 12, 9:02am
Me too.I like many of the SunValley products - their polenta is good too.

carolyn20, Jan 12, 8:32pm
Hi effcee1, the local Mediterranean Food Warehouse sell Equagold dutch cocoa which is beautiful rich dark cocoa - it's made a big difference to the taste of my chocolate baking.However you can only buy 1kg bags so bit of a $$ outlay but my last bag lasted a very long time and kept well.

effcee1, Jan 13, 12:24am
Thanks for that, will go and have a look.

samsnan, Jan 13, 2:49am
I changed to Sun Valley a couple of years ago and find it very good.

dibble35, Jan 13, 3:13am
I have been buying Nestle for the last few years as didnt like the sunvalley or cadbury, must try the homebrand as Nestle is not cheap

neshka, Jan 13, 3:16am
I buy pams. Cheap but lovely and dark. Great flavour. Have used other kinds. think it was bournvita. and hated it. Didnt make the chocolate baking dark and didnt taste as good. Ended up throwing it out tho wasnt much left.

harrislucinda, Jan 13, 3:20am
haveyou seenpamscustardpowder! in theplasticboxso palethen whenmadeupyou haveall thiscolourbitson thetopneverbuying pamscrap again

neshka, Jan 13, 3:39am
No. dont make custard but dont write off all their products. They may just suck at custard :-)

cookessentials, Jan 13, 4:08am
I used to buy nestle and had done for years. I now use Blooker coca from Holland which is really nice.

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