Sandwich sponge cake tin

bunny51, Jan 10, 8:02am
Hi My mother used to have a sponge cake tin which had a divider so 2 cakes could be made (for a sandwich sponge maybe) anyway I have never seen another in shops (think she probably bought it in England or in NEw zealand but many years ago) I was wondering if anyone else has seen anything similar! Thanks

kassie48, Jan 10, 8:52am
Bumping up for cookessentials. She may be able to help.

cookessentials, Jan 10, 8:54am
Yes, they are still available. Sorry, but after being reported for self promoting every time I try and help someone, it makes it difficult to give you any more info.

elliehen, Jan 10, 9:04am
This is a very useful kitchenware website (one of many you can find on the web).

kassie48, Jan 10, 9:04am
bunny, not sure if c.e has a website. Sad when we can't help other peeps without posters getting nasty.

kassie48, Jan 10, 9:10am
Thanks, elliehen. I wasn't putting in the correct website. Left out 'ware'

bunny51, Jan 10, 9:14am
Thank you for the link. Had a look but couldn't see what I was looking for. If I was to find one for sale somewhere, about how much should I expect to pay for one! (think I am looking more for sentimental reasons more than practical reasons as my round tins have served me perfectly fine for the last however long but .)

kassie48, Jan 10, 9:14am
elliehen, wooden 13cm cake boxes. Is this the norm size for a Christmas Cake or do I need to buy bigger!

elliehen, Jan 10, 9:30am
kassie, I'm sorry I haven't used one, but here's a link posted earlier which might have some answers.

cookessentials, Jan 10, 5:20pm
The only ones I am aware of are a heavy weight semi-commercial price depends on size and the brand is called Masterclass. Have not seen basic tin ones in years.

cookessentials, Jan 10, 5:21pm
The wooden cake boxes come in various sizes kassie48. 13cm is the smallest, then 20cm, 23cm and 26cm which is huge. I use a 23cm personally.

bunny51, Jan 10, 9:03pm
That sounds expensive. Thanks anyway.

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