heav3, Dec 21, 2:52am
Anyone heard of this.Roll out choco fudge cake on gladwrap (1/2" thick) spread on peppermint butter icing and roll up.Pop in fridge and slice of pieces as needed.Very Very nice.Anyone else done this and what is there version.

lindylambchops1, Dec 21, 3:19am
WOW that sounds delicious!

Hope someone replies soon with recipe.

lindylambchops1, Dec 21, 3:26am
I have been googling!but can only find choc mint pinwheel cookies grrrr!

miffycat1, Dec 21, 3:26am
bumping for recipe please, my fudge cake would not roll up.

heav3, Dec 21, 3:34am
Well i have done the icing and just waiting for fudge to cool down (if too warm icing will go runny)Man i hope it rolls. Hang in there people, will let you know when all is complete.

lindylambchops1, Dec 21, 3:39am
I can hardly wait.

heav3, Dec 21, 3:49am
hang in there lambchops.lol.

lindylambchops1, Dec 21, 4:02am
Hope you have a camera at the ready!I am expecting photos!

heav3, Dec 21, 4:26am
how do i do that please.Ive never put pix in community forum.(if it looks like cr--p then it aint going up.lol

lindylambchops1, Dec 21, 4:31am
Go to My Trade Me & follow instructions there

My Trade Me is at the top of this page under the Trade Me logo.

Hurry up!

heav3, Dec 21, 4:37am
Its in the fridge dont panic.Check on here later cause i will leave it as long as possible.I wont forget. I promise.

lindylambchops1, Dec 21, 4:53am
Thumbs up!

jeeza1, Dec 21, 5:29am
waiting for this recipe too.sounds yummy.

lindylambchops1, Dec 21, 7:40am
Thinks heav3 has forgotten her fudge!*Sighs*

sarahw2, Dec 21, 9:14am
Oooh me too! My children would love this, they like peppermint:-)

heav3, Dec 21, 9:15am
lol, na not forgotten, camera playing up so no pix im afraid. hubby said it was very sweet with icing in middle.(drrr, icing is sweet!) Rolled up quite well. Need to keep it very tight when rolling.(use 3 sheets of gladwrap 1 on top of others - easier to roll) Need icing quite green plus essence to give the mint effect. Practice makes perfect. will try another day i think.

jeeza1, Dec 21, 5:20pm
recipe please.sounds yummy.thanks.

dna187, Dec 21, 8:23pm
omg, sounds devine, recipe please asap. lol

chatsmom, Dec 21, 8:24pm
Can you post the choc fudge cake recipe please!

lindylambchops1, Dec 21, 11:18pm
Well done heav3.Your hubby is a lucky guinea pig!When you get the chance, I know this is the silly season, but could you put the recipe here!Thanks.
Merry Christmas!

heav3, Dec 22, 1:49am
Hi all,Seems my fudge and mint is quite popular.Ok here goes.First i will say i didnt make my own fudge (got from shop that sells ends of biscuits/squares)I softened it down with bit of butter in pot. Put 3 sheets of gladwrap on top of each other (about an arm length - better too much than not enuf) spread out fudge then rolled it so it about 1cm thick.I waited will it cooled down so as to not make icing runny.spread icing over and started rolling it.I started breaking up a little as i started rolling but kept going (pull gladwrap away as you roll) nice and tight. Then put in fridge to harden, maybe couple of hours.I didnt make the icing runny, not too thick and not too thin.i think i covered it all. Any questions just ask me.Good luck all.I am sure you will show me up and make a better job. Merry Xmas All.

lindylambchops1, Dec 22, 4:50am
Thank you so much heav3!

Have an awesome Christmas!

heav3, Dec 22, 8:25am
U 2 lindylambchops1. nice to have met you.have a beautiful day.

dna187, Dec 22, 7:14pm
hi, sounds yum. So you first line the gladwrap with the fudge, then ice it with peppermint icing , then roll it with the icing on it. thanks

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