Urgent fruit cake help!

pecka, Dec 18, 2:59am
I just put all my fruit in to soak overnight and realised that I have used 1kg of currants instead of 1kg of raisins.:(will it be ok!

pecka, Dec 18, 3:06am
Would it work if I add a kg of raisins to the bowl with some extra brandy, then when I come to make my cake just pull out 3.5kg of fruit to add to the dry ingredients!

beautifulflower, Dec 18, 3:25am
should be an awesome cake.just add a few more currants or extra sultanas

gardie, Dec 18, 4:44am
Any mix of dried fruit will usually do the trick.If you particularly want some raisins, add some in otherwise it will be fine without them - just a slightly different flavour.If you do want to add the raising and then remove some of the fruit, remember to allow for the weight of the brandy/juice/etc.You could also calculate how much extra flour etc you'll need if you put an extra kg of fruit in and make an extra cake.

bluetigerrr, Dec 18, 11:56am
Hi - this is one of the BEST Christmas cakes I've ever made . and it only has currants and cherries in (as the dried fruit ingredients :)

Currant Cherry Cake
1 kg currants
250g halved glace cherries
1/2 cup brandy
250 g butter
1 cup brown sugar firmly packed
5 eggs
2 c plain flour
1 t mixed spice
2 T brandy extra

Line base and sides of deep 23 cm round cake pan with 3 layers of paper.
Combine currants, cherries and brandy in large bowl. Cream butter and sugar only until combined. Add eggs quickly, one at a time, beating only until combined between each addition. Stir into fruit mixture then stir in the sifted flour and spice.
Spread mixture evenly in prepared pan and bake in a slow oven (150 degrees) for about 2 1/2 hours.
Brush with extra brandy, cover tightly with foil and leave to cool in pan.
Keeping time: 3 months.

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