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bucca11, Jan 14, 1:56am
Just another update, the cake turned out lovely, it was very moist and full of flavour, everyone who had some said it was one of the best they have ever had (some were biased, I'm sure, lol) but I will definitely be doing the same next christmas! :)

suziebee, Jan 14, 11:40am
I made this cake for Christmas and used one cup of strong tea and one cup of brandy and a teaspoon of ginger, very nice. No I did not drain but used two cups of self raising flour.

pickles7, Jan 14, 5:51pm
This cake won't keep in this weather, it will go mouldy. I made it once and ended up throwing it out to the birds.not nice at all, no one ate it.

white_elephant, Jan 14, 6:37pm
It wouldn't keep at my house either, it sounds yummy and I would have eaten it all in a few days.

margyr, Jan 14, 8:33pm
thanks for the update, yep everyone here likes it to and I have given the recipe to quite a few and they have all liked it. Quite nice to fiddle with the liquids used, brandy, sherry, a combination of all of them. It also freezes quite well, although it usually gets scoffed before I have to think about freezing it.

worrit, Jan 15, 7:28am
I have made this cake so many times, no you don't drain the liquid off and if you have nice moist fruit just soaking for 3 -4 hours is fine.Its a lovely cake and certainly WILL keep.if youcan keep hands out of the tin.I have never had one go mouldy. In fact still have a small piece of the one I made before christmas.Add spices and flavourings if you like.

elliehen, Jan 15, 8:21am
Mouldy food can kill birds.

"There are, however, some foods that you MUST NOT feed the birds as they may harm or even kill them. For example, mouldy foods, salty foods (e.g. smoky bacon, salted peanuts and crisps) and dehydrated foods (e.g. desiccated coconut)."

tramore, Nov 18, 6:03pm
I used to make all sorts of Christmas cake recipes which were expensive.This one has been my regular recipe for years and It is so simple.I am even going to get my Dementia client to make one for his wife!I have had not trouble with it not keeping and also freezing.It's brilliant.

elliehen, Nov 18, 10:33pm
I tried this too and found that freezing improves it.

I find that not many people actually eat Xmas cake, so why spend hours making a gold-plated one when this silver-plated one will do ;)

nzbrat, Nov 20, 2:05am
I often lurk in this section writing all those yummyo recipies down. I made this cake today.I havent cut into it as yet.waiting for it to cool down first. It was cooked in 45mins.I cant wait for it to cool so I can cut and spread with a slab of butter with a cup of coffee.:)

nauru, Nov 20, 2:35am
I often make this cake but for our Christmas cake I substitute 1 cup of juice for for a mixture of brandy & whiskey and leave the fruit to soak for a few days before making it.It comes out lovely every time and is great served with a nice piece of cheese.We miss having Wensleydale cheese with it though.

stitch50, Nov 20, 3:55am
Can you use Gingerale for this recipe instead of fruit juice ! thanks .

tramore, Nov 20, 6:07am
Sure, you can.Any fluid seems fine.

uli, Nov 20, 6:11am
The world is a better place now .

uli, Nov 20, 6:12am
The mind boggles .

stitch50, Nov 20, 8:00am
Thanks Tramore. thats great.

tramore, Nov 21, 4:00am
Hmmm, never even entered my mind there was any sort you wouldn't use.I meant use fruit juices, tea, coffee,etc.stuff you would drink.

elliehen, Nov 21, 4:51am
I poured some Stone's Ginger Wine over mine after it was cooked :)

angels9, Nov 21, 7:08am
I have done this as a loaf and it is great for the lunches.

uli, Nov 22, 6:41am
I am sure the birds were happy :)
and singing so much better .

griffo4, Nov 30, 3:01am
Got mine soaking now to use up the extra fruit l have left over from my other cakes

mossum, Dec 14, 2:48am
thanks for this thread - fruit soaking in mead and brandy . I look forward to baking this saturday :-)

clevercloggs, Dec 14, 4:34am
teehee - thats what I was thinking! You go girl!

tigra, Dec 14, 9:23am
We didnt have Brandy, wife wouldnt believe me that Rum or Whisky would do instead she used ORANGE JUICE! Its just not the same. But its Xmas cake and I'll eat it.

niffer13, Dec 14, 8:07pm
I use red wine & cake keeps for ages. Also make in muffin tins for mini give away cakes.

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