Thinning down a tin of caramel condensed milk

litedelites, Dec 17, 4:36am
What is the best way to thin this down.Want it to me more like a pouring sauce for crepes on Christmas morning.Any ideas, thanks T

rainrain1, Dec 17, 5:03am
a little bit of milk would be ok

litedelites, Dec 17, 5:08am
I thought about that or cream or even hot water.Has anyone done this! T

rainrain1, Dec 17, 5:15am
I think milk would be the best, because it won't interruptthe taste in any way.or cream

margyr, Dec 17, 5:38am
before you thin it heat it slowly it may be runny enough once warm.

kassie48, Dec 17, 5:55am
I'd do a 'practise' run first. Can't imagine how it could be thinned. Good luck.

245sam, Dec 17, 6:17am
litedelites, is your caramel condensed milk the bought already caramelised type or home caramelised.I haven't used either for a while now but I do recall that the bought variety does (or used to) advise on the can label to not stir for it to be firm and to stir for it to be thinner/pouring consistency.If you have home-caramelised the condensed milk I, like others above, would suggest either cream or milk in preference to water, although I agree with margyr, that if serving the sauce warm, gently heat the caramelised milk before you add anything to it.

Another thought - is the caramel sauce being served to children as well as adults!I'm recalling the recipe for Fried Icecream that is served with a caramel sauce and that sauce has orange liqueur added to it - a nice combo.Maybe if there are children, you might like to have adults' sauce with added liqueur, and children's sauce either as is or with added orange juice.:-))

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