Dairy Free and egg free Biscuits !

flinty13, Dec 15, 11:47pm
any recipes !

flinty13, Dec 15, 11:54pm
we have egg replacer stuff if tht helps !

lx4000, Dec 16, 12:39am
Honey crackles

125g butter, 2 Tbs Honey, 125g Sugar, 1 tsp vanilla essence, 4 cups rice bubbles. Place butter, sugar and honey in a large saucepan and boil for 3 mins. Stir in vanilla and rice bubbles. Mix and press into a slice tin. Cut while warm, leave to set

lx4000, Dec 16, 12:40am
use marg, a dairy free one. Replace the egg with a tablespoon of golden syrup or apple puree :)

frances1266, Dec 16, 12:54am
Check out vegan sites on the net, plenty there for you.

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