Sticking my icing to xmas cake

sandy09, Dec 12, 12:03am
I have no apricot jam can i use sugar and water. and do i put it inbetween almond and the white icing too!

prawn_whiskas, Dec 12, 12:07am
You could use sugar and water if your reduce it to a syrup consistency first. Or any other jam or preserve.

And no it goes on the cake to help secure the Almond icing to the cake.The royal will stick happily to the almond as long as its not to heavily dusted in corn flour or icing sugar.

iamkat, Dec 12, 12:27am
I would suggest making the almond icing tacky as well - on the sides only - its not necessary to make the top of the cake sticky between the layers. I generally use a spirit like brandy or gin to dampen the almond icing by just brushing it on very thinly.

effcee1, Dec 12, 12:32am
one cup of sugar, one cup of water, bring to the boil and disolve the sugar and brush it on both, always works for me.oops forgot to say brush on when the sugar mix is still warm.

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