Looking for a Sultana cake that doesn't have heaps

clivehell, Dec 11, 9:56pm
of butter in it.The ones I have seen seem to have a lot.
250 grams is about the average for them.I feel its a lot to
put in.Any recipes out there that don't have that much butter
in them please.

245sam, Dec 11, 10:40pm
clivehell, IMO a good sultana does have "heaps of butter in it" to make it the good-keeping, moist cake that it is, however have you thought of trying the following recipe which I personally have not tried but others have!

"I think that it's a great recipe.so here it is again for those of you who wish to make it, Posted by darlingmole

1kg dried fruit (of your choice)
2 C orange juice OR 2 C strong black coffee (soak overnight)

Next day stir in
2 C flour
4 t Baking powder
1 t spice (or your choice; mixed or cinnamon!)
Pour into a greased tin and cook @ 180 deg C for 1-1/2hrs.
Turns out moist and freezes well.
ps: somepeople like the dried fruit soaked in sherry but I think that's a blatant waste of alcohol haha!

Quotenauru (109 )8:31 pm, Mon 20 Dec #10 "

Hope that helps.:-))

davidt4, Dec 11, 10:46pm
Here's a fairly low-butter recipe from Rick Stein.You could substitute an equal weight of sultanas for all of the other fruit.

Dundee Cake
20cm tin

100g raisins)
100g currants)
100g sultanas)
100g glace cherries)soak overnight
100g glace peel)
3 tab whiskey)
zest & juice ½ lemon)
zest & juice ½ orange)

150g butter
150g brown sugar
3 large eggs, beaten
225g flour)sifted
1 tsp baking powder )
2 – 3 tab milk
25g ground almonds
100g blanched almonds

1tab whiskey (x 3)

Heat oven to 160C

Cream butter & sugar, beat in eggs.Fold in flour & b.p.,milk, ground almonds, then fruit.

Spoon into tin & level top.Place blanched almonds in circles on top.

Bake 2 hours.Cool in tin 30 min, turn onto rack and cool completely.Wrap in greaseproof paper, then foil, and store in airtight tin.

Next day feed with whiskey.Repeat on day 3 & day 5.Keep further 2 weeks before cutting.

clivehell, Dec 12, 12:28am
thanks for the recipes people.

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