Using a wooden cake box instead of a tin.

effcee1, Dec 11, 1:21am
Hi can all the experts tell me which is best, for making a christmas cake i have been told if you use a wooden box you only have to line it with one lining of baking paper,and is it as moist when cooked, and any other tricks if you use a wooden box : Thanks.

effcee1, Dec 11, 2:59am
Thanks Kassie, did go into it but the cats were begining to bare their claws so snuck back out quietly.

clair4, Dec 11, 3:12am
I use the wooden boxes and have not had any trouble.I use the recipe given with the box and it is so nice.I love only having to use 1 layer of paper.I also use tins if I make small cakes.

seniorbones, Dec 11, 4:28am
check out cookware essentials or cookessentials on here, Pam has them and as clair4 mentioned they come with a recipe. Its not just any wooden box!

maynard9, Dec 11, 7:17am
I have used my 3 different sizes for years and wouldn't cook my cakes any other way.

After a few years they did kind of warp a little bit but hubby just put a few little tacks in for me and perfect again.

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