Babycake, cake pop machines. Where can I find one!

darkestangel1, Dec 7, 10:17am
Seen these advertised at the Warehouse this week - has anyone had any experience or issues with these - and also recipes and tips please!

wheelz, Dec 7, 10:30am
Saw them somewhere this week, but for the life of me, can't remember where, might have been Noel Leeming.

suzanna, Dec 7, 11:11am
My daughter bought one about a month ago from Smith City- they had just come in. Works really well for her and the recipes provided with it are nice- not just cake and icing mixed.

bindi21, Dec 8, 9:12am
We sell them at Farmers

laulau88, Dec 10, 11:12pm
Does any one know where you can buy cake pop makers in nz!

accroul, Dec 11, 2:11am
I don't think they're in NZ yet are they! you'd have to order one from the US

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