Willies Cacao

Ive been watching the program on tv3 for a few weeks now. I would really like to get some of his cacao does n e one know where i could buy his cacao in nz ? if its even over here ?

Chef_yahootowers, Jan 9, 9:35 pm

He has a website and you can buy from him. Just google it.

Chef_bedazzledjewels, Jan 9, 9:45 pm

I was hoping to find someone who sold in here. Yes ive been to his website.

Chef_yahootowers, Jan 9, 9:50 pm

You could get in touch with The Chocolate Boutioque in Parnell and see if they have it, or suggest they get some in.
There's probably some interest in light of the programme.
It's interesting to see the reactions of the traditional Dairy Milk people to his wonderful dark concoctions! Love to be on his tasting panel!

Chef_bedazzledjewels, Jan 10, 9:04 am

Its not available in NZ. . and you probably wont be able to have them bring it in. . he had huge problems with the Venezuelan government, he's lucky he still has his cacao farm and his life at this point.

Chef_maxwell.inc, Jan 10, 9:51 am