Cake decorators - Please help!

farm-gal, Nov 25, 6:44am
Hi all, I have been given the job of making mini cupcakes for a wedding. I usually use the wilton 1M tip for my icing swirls on my cupcakes. Is this tip too big for mini cupcakes! Does anyone know what number tip will produce a same sort of swirl but smaller! Thanks!

beautifulflower, Nov 25, 8:35am
smaller nozzle smaller whirl.that is my guess

farm-gal, Nov 26, 6:35am
Yep my guess too, just want the number tip so I know which one to buy.!

kimkat1, Nov 26, 8:22am
the one I use says wilton 22. not sure if that is what others would use but its a star shape and gives a good swirl on a mini cupcake.

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