Christmas cake.where to get edible photos printed

milfi_69, Nov 25, 5:16am
Im wanting to do a very nice christmas cake this year.sort of out of tradition and just going to do a variety of sponge layers etc.
But im wanting to get a few family photos printed onto edible icing for the decoration of the cake and also some words/font cut out of some type of fondant or modling chocolate!
does anyone know where or who I can talk to about this or get this done from! ! ! !

sarahb5, Nov 25, 6:05am
Ask at your local cake decorators - we just got a photo scanned onto icing for my son's birthday cake - it cost $26 though which I thought was pretty expensive considering the size.Alternatively, why not take copies of the photos and get them laminated!Have done that before and the pictures were much clearer than the one scanned onto icing - you just remove them before cutting the cake.

rachaelc11, Nov 25, 6:15am i have used them great print outs !

cookessentials, Nov 25, 6:34am

baileys6, Nov 25, 8:11am are fantastic.Just used them recently to scan an image for my hubbies Jim Beam Bottle birthday cake and they did a fantastic job.Definately recommend them.

craig04, Nov 25, 9:30am
Thanks for that - I just ordered a cake topper for DH's 40th next week!

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