Freezing Christmas cake!

raewyn64, Nov 22, 2:07am
Hi again
Another freezing question - sorry - I am thinking of sending MIL a package for Christmas but want to cook them up early and freeze them then send to her later - hence the question about freezing cooked shortbread.
I thought I might send her a christmas cake - once again would like to cook it now and freeze it if it will go. It is a sort of traditional fruit cake - with fruit mix, condensed milk, eggs, treacle, spices, flour and baking soda and some cherry brandy.Will it freeze ok! I wasn't going to ice it - might just cook some walnuts or other nuts in the top of the cake instead.
Thanks so much everyone - you are a great help.

lilyfield, Nov 22, 2:29am
no need to freezex-mas cake- it will keep. Same with shortbread. just store it properly and airtight.

raewyn64, Nov 22, 2:31am
So if I vac-seal it will it be ok for Christmas if I cook them now!

lilyfield, Nov 22, 2:52am
christmas cake likes being laced with alkohol once a month. just wrap in greaseproof and newspaper- store dry and cool. Shortbreadseal in plastic and tin, which I also tape shut so My fingers don't get at it.

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