Pie Maker - Sunbeam

tommydog, Nov 19, 12:45am
Just wondering if anyone has one and if they are any good at all.

hunnyb1, Nov 19, 12:47am
i have my mum's one, before she gave it to me, she used it heaps. yummy pies.

samboy, Nov 19, 1:25am
ours is in constant use, you can put anything in them, spaghetti, make apple pies with pastry, mince pies etc.Kids in our family make all sorts of things in ours.

gardie, Nov 19, 5:25am
We have a 4 pie maker and it is great.Fabulous to make a meal out of small bits of leftovers - a few roast veggies in one, a bit of casserole in another etc.Pop small quantities into the freezer and when you have enough, get out the piemaker and make a variety.I personally didn't want a 2 pie maker - taking too long to get enough pies ready for the family.And BTW - they cook pretty fast too.

nakinana1, Nov 19, 9:10am
I live alone and make a pie quite often for lunch, but instead of using pastry which is not so good for one, Ibutter two slices of bread, (butterside on the outside) thinly slice a little onion, chop a bit of ham and break a egg over it then put the bread lid on, the bread does crispen up, this is yummy and filling and reasonably healthy.

whitehead., Nov 19, 9:12am
thanks for the great idear i have one but have never tried that

nzhel, Nov 20, 12:06am
Yes a pie maker is great and good for apple pies too. The only problem I have - which can't be helped is when I am wanting to make a lot of pies to freeze. You have to wait quite a while for the pie maker to cool down to be able to put the next lot of pastry in. If you start lining the pie maker with pastry before its cooled, the pastry shrinks before the filling goes in. Not a problem tho when using bread as a lining.

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