What baking supplies do you always stock up on

supercook, Nov 18, 3:22am
Butter it lasts for ages. Always have spare bag of flour.

lilyfield, Nov 18, 3:28am
flour, baking powder, yeast-, sultanas, cocoa ,peanuts, coconut ,vanilla,eggs,margarine, chocolat buttons, candied peel and sugar.

cookessentials, Nov 18, 3:28am
I always keep a couple of butter in the freezer.

davidt4, Nov 18, 3:30am
I buy Mainland butter whenever it's on special and freeze it.

supercook, Nov 18, 3:32am
I just store my butter in the frig. Whats the difference with putting it in the freezer!

davidt4, Nov 18, 3:39am
I have more space in the freezer than in the fridge.There probably isn't any difference short term.Longer term the butter will go rancid if not frozen.

elliehen, Nov 18, 4:05am
Rolled oats, dates and figs when they're 'on special'.

eastie3, Nov 18, 5:08am
The usual flour,icing sugar etc,butter when on special is frozen.Whittakers 72% choc,choc melts/buttons,cranberries and other dried fruit,ground almonds and various assorted items such as cupcake papers and decorative sprinkles etc.

tony556, Nov 18, 5:12am
Butter, Rolled Oats, Flour, Sugars, Vanilla essence, Chocolate, Sour cream

crystalmoon, Nov 18, 5:28am
flour(extra bags i freeze when on special ) butter also freeze and cut into 100grm sizes for easy thawing and measuring.B powder,custard powder,cocoa,icing sugar,sugar,dried fruit and nuts which i store in fridge chiller bin,with my eggs.choc buttons,

roundtop, Nov 18, 7:27am
I buy cheese when it is a good special,grate it and put in zip top bag in the freezer,take a handful out when u need it,it very very good.

angie117, Nov 19, 1:47am
Butter I cut mine up into 50 grms lots and freeze. And cheese grate it up and put in freezer.

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