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ribena1, Nov 17, 8:48pm
Ok so I'm attempting to make two cakes for my twins' birthday, I'm going to bake them today and refrigerate and ice in the morning but just wondering do I cut the shapes of the cakes today or do I wait until just before icing when they are warm, thanks, also if I don't have containers to put them in fridge, should I wrap in anything or put on trays! Thanks

zappi, Nov 17, 9:03pm
I have made kids birthday cakes in the past where there was pieces to cut out.I found it better (after reading tip) to put cooled cake in the freezer.You get a better neater cut.

kiwitrish, Nov 17, 9:04pm
As a cake decorator I would wrap the cooled cakes in cling wrap and put in the fridge.The cakes will be easier to cut and shape the next day.Less crumbs and easier to ice.Best of luck.

ribena1, Nov 18, 1:09am
Thanks, I'm confused now though as some people have told me not to refrigerate but to do a crumb icing level, cling wrap and put somewhere cool.Would I be better to ice today, but if I iced today, how would I store them until tomorrow in the fridge or no!

kuaka, Nov 18, 1:34am
What sort of cakes are they!

spotswood, Nov 18, 1:34am
you're better off icing them the day you want them as the icing can go a bit dry and darken in colour.i would do the bake the day before and then fridge like kiwitrish says

ribena1, Nov 18, 1:38am
One is a buttercake and one is chocolate, have decided to put in fridge, but do I cut the shapes today and then put in fridge, or cut the shapes just before icing tomorrow when cold!

spotswood, Nov 18, 1:44am
I'd cut them tomorrow as the cakes will be a bit firmer to cut and won't crumble as much

ribena1, Nov 18, 1:49am
Great thank you everyone :)

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