Moist Christmas cake recipe

shazzie10, Nov 17, 1:43am
I am sure there are already recipes in here somewhere so if someone can direct me to them, that would be great.I am after a moist Christmas cake recipe.I did have one that has some kind of berry jam in it, but have moved house and lost the recipe. thank you very much.

cookessentials, Nov 17, 8:41am
One of the best ones ( and one I use) is the one that comes with the wooden christmas cake boxes.

shazzie10, Nov 17, 7:42pm
Thank you wonderful people. Appreciate your time.

katalin2, Nov 17, 7:59pm
Alison Holst's Pineapple Xmas Cake. Have been making it for over 30 years- occasioanlly try a different recipe but never quite measures up. Lovely and moist with lovely flavour. I believe it is her most requested recipe.

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