Baking bline question

andrew499, Nov 5, 7:09am
Hi all.Well, actually I do this all the time since I enjoy baking and have no sight.Lol!however, I digress.I seem to remember reading somewhere on here that it isn't necessary to put baking beans, rice etc into a pastry case before prebaking I have this right, and do I have to prepare the aforementioned pastry case in any way before baking it!Any help would be much appreciated.

graebalz, Nov 5, 7:14am
Hiya - I have lined the pastry with baking paper and then popped a plate on it to bake, pricked the pastry first though.I've used rice once and made such a mess I never bothered again.

andrew499, Nov 5, 7:20am
thanks for that, may have to give that one a go too.

lilyfield, Nov 5, 7:40am
I have use screws in desperation when no beans were around

davidt4, Nov 5, 10:46am
Just shape the pastry case, prick it well and freeze it for at least two hours .Put straight into a hot oven to blind bake.There is no need to fuss around with paper and weights.

andrew499, Nov 5, 7:48pm
Thanks for that.that's exactly the sort of answer I was hoping for.i gather a metal tin works far better for this than an ovenproof glass one!

davidt4, Nov 6, 12:43am
Sorry, I don't know.I've never used a glass pie dish.

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