Christmas cake tin -question

korbo, Nov 3, 6:54am
I have a 32cm square cake tin that i want to make a large cake in, for this christmas.
Can anyone advise me as to how much fruit i would use.
My good recipe that uses 2kg of fruit usually fits 25cm tin.

nik12, Nov 3, 10:51am
I would be interested too. that's just reminded me, I got Nana's big tin - but not her recipe!

chicco2, Nov 3, 9:18pm
Here is how to increase the recipe. Fill your 25cm tin with water to the level your usual RAW cake mixture comes to. Pour this into the larger tin, counting
how many times it takes to fill the larger tin. That is how many times you need to times your original recipe. Good luck. That is a very large cake and could take 6-8 hrs to cook on a VERY low temp. Use a piece of cardboard from a box, on your oven shelf and an extra piece to place on top of the cake when its a couple of hours away from end of cooking.

melford, Nov 3, 9:34pm
Do a search for 'melfords wedding or christmas cake' and you will see a recipe for a lovely dark cake that fits that tin exactly.

davidt4, Nov 3, 9:36pm
It's simple arithmetic:

If a 2 kg recipe makes a 25x25x5 cm cake the total volume is 3125 cubic cm

A 32x32x5 cm cake is 5120 cubic cm

Divide 2kg by 3125 and multiply by 5120 - = 3.3 kg fruit.

Go through your recipe and work out the quantities of each ingredient by dividing by 2 and multiplying by 3.3.

A heavy fruit cake is quite forgiving so there's no need to agonise over exact quantities of things like eggs.

The cooking time will be exactly the same provided the bigger cake is of the same depth as your usual one.

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