Motueka Carrot Cake Makers

clairen, Oct 30, 10:01pm
Is it best the days its baked, the next day or 2 days after baking!

Just making it for the first time as a birthday cake and wondering when to make it as i know some carrot cakes are best a few days after baking.

asue, Oct 30, 10:57pm
I made it for Bcake a week before and froze it well wrapped.Iced it on the day and was fine, yum.Was eaten within 3 days.Like most cakes to ice you probably want to make it at least the day before.

clairen, Oct 31, 1:04am
Bump incase anyone can help. Didn't really want to freeze cos birthday is on Thursday.Just wonderin what day would be best to make it.

prawn_whiskas, Oct 31, 1:10am
Carrot cakes, irregardless of the recipe are always nicer eaten the day after they have been baked. It gives all the oils and sweetness time to settle and get that lovely texture that carrot cake has.

clairen, Oct 31, 8:41am
Thanks.Will bake on Wed then.cheers

chicco2, Oct 31, 9:18am
Next day is best. (This coming from a Motueka girl )
I just made one for a wedding cake last weekend, and have had lots of glowing reports. It really is a lovely cake.

marcs, Oct 31, 12:20pm
I make them and sell them to the cafe's in Aussie. The customers absolutely love them. They keep for a couple of weeks in the fridge but on the safe side I will say a week. Flavours develop a lot better after a couple of days. I don't put any apricots or pumpkins seed it but that is entirely your choice.

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