Birthday cake for 13yr girl

donna23, Oct 27, 11:50pm
Any ideas about a good choice for decoration of either cake or cup cakes for a 13yr old girls birthday! Thanks

draco27, Oct 28, 2:17am
im not sure what she is into but i did a simple cake for my partner and his mates at work. (dont have kids to make nice thing for yet lol) but they are all dairy farmers and i just made a chocolate cake and put chocolate icing on it and then went online to good old google and printed off a picture of a cow in the middle of the paper, cut the cow out (without cutting through any of the white surrounded paper) and sprinckled icing sugar and bam there u have a cow cake haha! today im TRYING to make a spongebob cake, making a normal chocolate cake but using yellow icing as spongebob then leave it to dry and add the details eyes mouth etc etc pretty simple and nothing to hard but good luck with whatever you decide to do :)

kimkat1, Oct 28, 2:58am
have you done any icing beofre, I have a few basic designs or a few more advanced I could upload for ya.

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