Cake Fillings Instead Of Fresh Cream - Help!

starry29, Oct 27, 6:05pm
hiya everyone . miss 13 is entering a school cake comp, but the cake will be sitiing around in the hall for hours before being judged and she really wants a filling. what could she use instead of cream. i was thinking of some type of ganache!, the cake is going to be a giant cup cake hehehehe

any suggestions greatly appreciated

kimkat1, Oct 27, 6:14pm
You can use a buttercream which would be fine.( so long as not in the direct sunlight) or yes you could use ganache, or even a moch cream would be fine. all are very easy to make and taste yummy.

margyr, Oct 27, 6:23pm
or you could buy some fondant icing and she can make things to go onto it, first roll a little out and put on the cup cake and then make things with the fondant, eg; flowers, mice, sponge bob anything really. to stick them onto the first layer beat up some icing sugar and egg white till a thick paste and use like glue.

starry29, Oct 27, 8:55pm
i have never made mock cream before.
mmmmmm mock cream donuts {i'm preggies lol}

i think i'll try and see if i can make the mock cream first to see if it works then see what miss 13 thinks. and use the buttercream as back up if it fails lol. thanks ladies

pilgrim2, Oct 27, 9:12pm
Mock cream is very easy, just keep beating it even if it seperates, It will come back together.yummmmmy it will be delicious.

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