Cake tin wanted

rachaelc11, Oct 21, 11:36pm
hi guys
does any one in Te Arohahave a 10 inch square cake tin i could borrow for a week or so ! or know of anywhere in Te Arohathat hires out cake tins!

elliehen, Oct 21, 11:47pm
Do you have a local recycling centre!Ours has cake tins of all sizes.

leonie11, Oct 22, 6:32am
check out the local op shops

whitehead., Oct 22, 7:26am
you could get some one to knock up a wooden box of that size and line it with cooking paper .my mother used to use card board boxes when she cooked wedding cakes in a gas oven ,we never had a fire in the oven but one night the fridge went up in flames

tarshlove, Oct 23, 9:49am
Theres a shop in morrinsville that hires tins out

donna_jo29, Oct 23, 12:33pm
got to op shops and buy biscuit tins

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