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donna23, Oct 18, 4:27am
What is the best way to store xmas cake which I will make this week, my recipe is fairly moist, will not be iced until a few days before xmas, thanks

pickles7, Oct 18, 4:42am
Wrapped up in grease proof paper, lots of newspaper, put it in a cool dark spot. Unwrap and plash a bit of brandy over it a few times, over the storage period. Make sure you wrap it in a flat parcel every time you re-wrap it.

calista, Oct 18, 6:01am
I've frozen mine wrapped in gladwrap and foil as someone suggested on here.I hope they're Ok.

cookessentials, Oct 18, 7:21am
I wrap in grease proof paper, then tin-foil and wrap in a clean tea-towel. If it has plenty of alcohol in it, you wont need to add extra alcohol which can also make the cake too moist and wet. I just store it in a dark cupboard.

melford, Oct 18, 9:34am
I used to store in a dark cupboard but after reading on here to freeze it I did that and it came out wonderful. It seemed to improve the flavour so much. I have been making this particular recipe since I used it as my wedding cake many years ago and I did not think the flavour could be improved at all. After coming out of the freezer it was even more wonderful.

elliehen, Oct 18, 9:37am
Freezing is also recommended for those who leave baking a Xmas cake until the last minute.Apparently, it speeds up the 'maturing' - whatever exactly that is.

clair4, Oct 18, 7:57pm
Melford, can you please let me see your recipe.I love trying a new one each year. Thanks

nfh1, Oct 18, 8:07pm
When you take it out of the freezer, do you unwrap it to thaw out and then re-wrap when thawed!

melford, Oct 18, 8:36pm
Will post recipe tomorrow as I am off to work now

cookessentials, Oct 18, 9:58pm
I cut our Christmas cake into 4 and wrap each individually and freeze them ( this is once I have cut it at Christmas) we can then have it throughout the year as one cake foor two of us is too much to have in a short time period.

clair4, Oct 19, 8:24pm
bumping for Melford

jess46, Oct 22, 3:43am
hi guys, if im making a christmas cake this week with no alcohol in it, can i still freeze it!if so do i still put brandy on top or whatever you are supposed to do!im making a cake for the first time this year and im a bit worried lol

june126, Oct 22, 4:05am
Have baked fruit cakes/loaf's without alcohol in them and freeze them with no problems.If you want to put brandy on the top I'd do it while the cake is still hot, helps absorb the alcohol, then if you want to, you can re do it when it is thawed, probably won't need very much more than a sprinkling of alcohol over the top of the cake.

nfh1, Oct 22, 5:56am
How do you thaw it out - in the fridge or out!Wrapped or not!

Does it not go watery!Sorry about all the questions, but I would hate to make a cake and then ruin it - I only bake once a year!

jess46, Oct 22, 6:28am
thanks june126!

lizab, Oct 22, 7:54am
Just take the cake, plus its wrapping and/or container, out of the freezer a couple of days before Xmas and leave on the bench overnight to thaw out. You can then decorate it with ready to roll icing or whatever you've planned, cover it with a net umbrella or similar light covering that lets the icing harden slightly (don't put it into a plastic boxed container as the icing will sweat) and it's ready for Xmas :)

toyboy3, Oct 22, 8:12am
leaving a cakeon the bench overnight in this house all the corners are likely to get cut off before morningicing or no icing

lizab, Oct 22, 8:27am
my family knows that if anything gets touched on the bench overnight, it'll be their 'corners' that get cut off come morning! ;)

toyboy3, Oct 22, 8:46am
Cakes have been known to evaporatewhen left unattendedaround here

hails1, Oct 22, 8:51am
i make mine on Nov 5th.pour whiskey over.or sherry.wrap in tin in a dark place.unwrap & ice xmas eve.always devine and never goes off.

melford, Oct 22, 8:59pm
clair4 - have put a separate thread up called Melfords Wedding and Christmas Cake for you. Sorry I worked extra hours at work for a week so I couldn't post it when I said I would.

greerg, Oct 23, 5:50am
A cake would probably survive on the bench here but the almond icing in the packet can shrink if left unattended.

devalois, Oct 24, 3:54am
If using alcohol (brandy, or whatever) and storing wrapped, in a dark place, always use baking paper or greaseproof before the tinfoil.the alcohol "eats" into the foil something shocking.Well wrapped, in baking paper, foil, then layers of newspaper, and a blanket, under a bed or another safe, dry and dark place. I generally make ours in August and by December it's absolutely spot on. Don't bother anymore, because we find most recipes too heavy and rich - and there's only two of us. devalois

nfh1, Oct 24, 7:10am
The marzipan would spontaneously disappear here.

kuaka, Oct 24, 7:36pm
I understood that any alcohol put into the cake mix evaporates during cooking, leaving only the flavour, which is why a lot of cake recipes suggest pouring alcohol onto the cake when it comes out of the oven.

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