I have a gorgeous old steel double bread tin

kamitchell, Oct 11, 8:15pm
The problem is, is that in one part of one side the bread sticks to it, and the bread ends up getting wrecked trying to get it out.Do any of you clever people know how I can remedy this!I make bread regularly for our family, so would really love to get this sorted!


cookessentials, Oct 11, 8:51pm
Could you line it with a little baking paper!

buzzy110, Oct 11, 10:43pm
A very good idea. I line mine with paper as a matter of course. The paper can be reused a couple of times as well. It is also easier to form the loaf, move it onto the paper and pick the paper up and gently place the paper with the formed loaf into the tin.

pickles7, Oct 11, 11:07pm
polish up the outside with steel wool.

meetee, Oct 12, 8:22am
Brush cooking oil all over inside of tin then put in warm to hot oven to 'cure' it, then brush with oil before using each time. Don't wash with detergent, only hot water, and dry in warm oven.

kamitchell, Oct 12, 8:32pm
Thankyou, will be trying these!

kamitchell, Oct 13, 10:37pm
I tried this exactly this morning, and both loaves just fell out! I am so excited, they look gorgeous!Thanks again :)

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